4 Great Cake Personalization Options

Love the taste or not, cakes are arguably the one food that has made the most profound impact in the world. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary eve, or congratulating your dear one for securing a job promotion, cakes are considered a must.

But truly, what is it that makes a cake so much more than just another dessert. Is it that sweet and intoxicating fragrance of cream wafting through the air? Or is it that delectably toothsome candy-coated flavor that almost all desire to savor? The answer – it is a fact that cakes can be baked in nearly shape and design, even added with that extra bit of that personalized touch.

Yes, that is right, any shape you imagine. You want a cricket themed cake with you and the receiver’s names on the pitch? You got it. It is only limited by the boundaries of your imagination.

4 Great Ways to Personalize a Cake   

As we can clearly see, a cake is by far one of the most delightful edibles to savor in any occasion or eve. But only a personalized cake  can add that extra bit of memorability. But how does one make it so? Here are 4 great ways to personalize a cake –

  1. Adding a photo to the top layer of the cake – Thanks to special cake printers, cakes can now actually be photo-printed. With the help of special cake printers, ink made of vanilla and chocolate essence can reproduce any image. Simple insert an edible icing paper into the cartridge and watch the magic happen. After the printing is complete, you can impress the picture on the cake.
  2. Icing yours and the receiver’s names on the cake – Thinking of that sweet tasting chocolate or syrup. Well now you can taste them both and even inscribe yours and the receiver’s names on the cake. How great would it be to see the two names on the cake?!
  3. Having the cake baked in a shape that the receiver likes – Yes, cakes can be baked in almost all shapes, colors and sizes. Imagining a space themed cake, baked like a model of the solar system? Imagine no longer.
  4. Presenting a personalized gift with a cake – Complementing the cake with a gift like a soft toy or bouquet roses may seem great. But what if that gift was also personalized. For instance, a card with a message that you had personally written for the receiver, or something like a mixed flower bouquet with flowers that you had personally picked. Yes, once again, the ideas are endless, so explore with all your heart!

Having a cake delivered to your Place of Choice

Through online gifting stores, you can actually order a cake and have it delivered to the place of your choice. From Delhi to Mumbai to Rajasthan, all places in India are covered. So order cakes in Mumbai with online delivery, and celebrate the moment you’ve ordered it for!