Sunglasses Face Shape Guide

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Have you ever wondered why some people can get away with wearing certain types of sunglasses, and others seem to struggle to find anything? You might think of yourself in either of those camps, either you seem to look good in anything, or nothing! The latter can certainly be frustrating, especially if there is a certain model of brand that you love.

Unfortunately, the answer might be that they just don’t suit your face shape, and short of drastic weight loss or surgery, there’s not a lot you can do about that (and we don’t recommend either for the sake of a pair of sunglasses!) So, what types suit what faces? Well, you can find out below with our handy guide:


This face shape has a balanced proportional length and width with softer angles and slightly wider, full cheeks, with equally wide forehead and jaw.
Look for angular frames to provide greater definition to the curved angles of your face and to make it appear slimmer and longer.  Good examples are square angular frames, such as Wayfarers or Cat eye Shape.

Best examples are: Cat eye, Rectangular, Wayfarer.
Best to avoid: round frames, since they tend to accentuate your face’s angles.


This face shape has a balanced proportional length and width with softer angles and slightly wider, full cheeks, with equally wide forehead and jaw.
Almost any style works with your face. Select frames that maintain your proportional balance. Recommended that frames are as wide as your face at its widest point.  Butterfly shape works well, among others.

Best examples are: Aviator, Butterfly, Cat eye, Rectangular, Round, Wayfarer.
Avoid frames that are too large (especially too wide) for your facial features.

Heart or Diamond

This face shape has a slightly pointed chin, but is often widest at the forehead and gradually narrows through to the jaw and chin.
Look for square or oval frames with curved edges that give your jaw a broader look, and minimize the wider parts of your face, such as that above.

Best examples are: Butterfly, Cat eye, Semi-Rimless, Wayfarer.
Minimise large, geometric frames that widen to your upper face or teardrop lenses or those with too much detail at the top.

Square or Rectangular

This face shape has an angular bone structure, with a strong, wide jaw line and high cheekbones. May have equally broad, or occasionally slightly narrowing forehead.
Look for larger, oval, round & curved frames that will appear to increase the curved edges, as well as to soften and balance your strong facial structure. Lots of Ray-Ban glasses have this look.

Best examples are: Aviator, Round, Wayfarer.
Avoid geometric and square frames that accentuate the angles of your face.

South Korean Comfort Women Need Better Relief

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In 2015, Japan and South Korea both agreed on a plan to eliminate the Korean comfort women that had become so commonplace before World War II as well as during it. When the United States held talks with Japan earlier this year it was emphasized that there should be a strong adherence to what had been agreed upon so that all of the involved parties will be in a better light. The South Korean President Moon Jae-in is set to meet with United States president Donald Trump shortly, and he has already expressed his feeling that the agreement was done by his conservative predecessor and that it is not one that the people of his country want to implement.

On the other hand, the Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Shinsuke Sugiyama says that his country is already beginning to implement measures that will steadily put into place the changes necessary to make it a reality. He has noted that he and his country understand the value that the international community has placed on such measures, and so he will continue to work towards that goal. This would be in compliance with the December 2015 agreement so that the issue can be ‘finally and irreversibly’ resolved. Comfort women stories are rampant throughout these countries, and it is certainly a truth that that type of harassment of the women should never be allowed to happen again. Military brothels are something that degrades and debases those who are working inside even in the small chance that they are paid for their duties, and so it should be eliminated.

Japan has already handed out over 1 billion Yen to the South Korean parties who are capable of helping the affected women. It is a fund for the South Korean comfort women that also had Prime Minister Shinzo Abe giving his apologies and expressing remorse for all that those women have had to endure and suffer through over the years. Moon, of South Korea, plans to attempt to renegotiate the deal since many in his country (including himself) feel that it does not do enough to take into account the voice of those affected women.

Tokyo looks to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, and all of the political leaders that were present have agreed that this is a good start in the right direction even if it is not perfect at achieving what is desired. There should be enough time for everyone to get on the same page with this matter, and then it can truly once and for all be handled like gentlemen. The comfort women testimonies are difficult to page through in many cases, and there are numbers of them who had to endure hardship that one would not wish on their worst enemy.

Japan and the United States are also working together on agreements to continue to influence the actions of North Korea by imposing tougher sanctions so that their nuclear program does not flourish and get out of hand. It has already been threatened by many analysts that there is a nuclear war on the horizon, and so it is critically important that the best decisions be made now in order to protect these regions that are so populous with mostly innocent people. In the event of a nuclear war, it is likely that a prolific amount of deaths would occur that are unwarranted and depressing. Everyone agrees that the country of China also has to be pressured to do more than it is currently doing to help ease the tension and potential for disaster with the neighbor North Korea.


Total Body Wellness Strategies

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Have you been feeling somewhat lethargic and maybe even a bit melancholy lately? It might be time to take stock of your meal choices, activity levels and relationships. Diet, exercise and relationship are the three anchors of total body wellness. All three need to be nurtured in order to achieve total body wellness. Over eighty percent of our metabolism levels and weight can be attributed to meal choices. About twenty percent can be attributed to activity levels.  It’s understandable to be a bit intimidated by the near constant blare of extreme diet and fitness advice streaming from nearly every major media outlet. Turn off the noise and get back to the basics Follow these simple guidelines from the wellness experts to retake ownership of your mind and body.

The options for daily fitness activities are really only limited by your imagination. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and check out one of the 24HourFitness facilities near you. Most locations have personal trainers that, for a nominal fee, can take a basic fitness assessment and lay out an exercise plan that will help you build muscle and cardiovascular strength. If you’re not comfortable in a public gym setting, grabbing a pair of quality athletic shoes and taking a brisk thirty minute walk each day can make all the difference in the world. The side effects of a healthy level of daily activity include increased energy levels and increased motivation.

Don’t sabotage your awesome new workout levels with poor eating choices. The two items you can eliminate from your food selection that will have the most powerful impact on your body are fast food meals and sugary sodas. Our bodies simply are not designed to process copious amount of added sugar and sodium. Weight gain, bloating, digestive and skin issues are all side effect of too much fast food and sugary sodas. Replace these with lean proteins and dark colored vegetables. Learn to enjoy a glass of cold water flavored with a lemon or lime slice several times per day.

Finally, pick up the phone and call a friend or family member and arrange a time to meet over dinner or lunch. Invest on your relationships and the return will be huge.…

9 Food Business Tips via Online

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Food products that are marketed online began to bloom since 2 years ago. By utilizing social media finally this product can be famous also in offline.

One by one many who follow in his footsteps? Variety of unique foods is many and marketed online.

You want to try? There are some simple tips that can help you to pursue the food business via online.

1. Make sure the food you offer LOOKS visually appealing. It makes people feel curious.
Looks interesting does not have a delicious taste, but the interesting appearance can arouse appetite.
The trick is to use a photo with a detailed image with high resolution. If necessary, include a video in it. Place it on the blog.

2/9. Specify a menu of your product mainstay. Make it as attractive as possible when photographed. Mainstay products can include best sellers.

3.The online visitor cannot taste it. Then include details of each menu. Materials and flavors for easy happening2.
Tuck the seductive phrases inside into tempting to try.
Tricks looking for tantalizing phrases, often watching cooking shows on TV. The chefs are clever food with interesting words.

4. Testimonials are the key to online success. Sample examples to your friends Request a POSITIVE comment.

5. Create blog there are some free blogs that provide templates for food and beverage themes.
Make the design as attractive as possible in accordance with the existing food image.

6. To market it, take advantage of networking media. Upload your product photos. Do random tagging, because not everyone likes tagged.

7. If you want to succeed again, make your food taste good and make it ‘opium’.

8. Just like in offline, online visitors also want to be served immediately. Visitors want to get back message / chat / phone.
Do not buy until ago and spread it through a network that is rapidly spreading. Your good name online is at stake
It will be easier if you have one gadget that can respond all media communication quickly.
If it is difficult to call, write ‘messages only’. If you have hours of work, put it clearly.

9. Shipping packing. Make sure your food is not ‘changed’ when received by the buyer.
In addition to coming on time, taste and taste in accordance with the image on your website.

Sell almonds online is an online shop that sells various dried foods that you can sample to start trying through online shop.

Similarly tips on selling food via online.…

Ladies’s Clothing

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Discover the wide collection of ethnic , formal, casual and western put on clothes for girls and shop for the types that greatest go well with you. You may’t discover an intensive vary of clothing at just one boutique or retailer whereas on internet, you could find a spread of designer clothing from so many manufacturers and that too from the your personal comfort. Just like online gown purchasing, buying footwear online also makes purchasing extra convenient.

Whenever you’re planning to buy clothes online , guantee that it is from a reliable store. There are additionally some web sites which feature only new and latest vogue clothes collections. There are excessive chances of fraud so one must be very cautious whereas purchasing by way of internet.

Now, it has develop into so easy to purchase clothes online You just have to login on the e-commerce clothes website and select the fashion from a spread of womens clothes on-line. Most on-line clothes shops and boutiques offer an in depth range of clothes and accessories in an intensive price range.

For folks, who want to avoid the crowded locations to buy ladies tops, can go for online outlets to purchase womens clothing on-line. In recent instances, ecommerce websites are also gaining wide acceptance as it gives abundant collection of things. These are among the quite a few benefits offered by on-line vogue shops , Australia.

Now you can spend a whole day in opposition to your computer to purchase attire online from the consolation of your house. With so many on-line dress shops available on the web, there’s a great chance that you will discover precisely the type of dress you’re on the lookout for in very brief time and in addition at discounted costs.

1336 W Belmont Ave, Lakeview, Chicago, IL

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Originally, Shop at House was a regional buying community based mostly in Newport, Tennessee. They seemed stumped about the darkish defect within the living/eating area and took a number of pictures of it. The installer stated he may lower out that strip of carpeting and change it. He then asked a couple of instances where I had put the leftover carpeting and I explained each time that I didn’t have any of the leftover carpet as a result of they’d taken it with them once they left.

The new management switched the community to a extra traditional purchasing channel format, and as a result, replaced lots of its previous hosts and introduced in new personalities from Scripps’s sister networks resembling HGTV and Food Network to tie into those popular channels, most notably Paula Deen and Emeril Lagasse (The Coin Vault was retained, and remained profitable).

On June 23, 2006, Store at Home TV returned to the air with a restricted schedule, as soon as once more specializing within the sale of varied collectible merchandise ranging from collectible gold, silver and uncommon coins; popular brand title watches like Tag Heuer & Bulova; to unique knives and autographed sports activities memorabilia.

It additionally promotes watch sales through Jewelry Tv (and, beforehand, a web site branded as a part of Jewelry Tv somewhat than Shop at Dwelling, which has since been folded into the principle Jewelry Tv website), however not does so.

After the second closure of Store at Home, Lea Little would move to HSN as a visitor product knowledgeable. On September eleven, 2006, Store at House returned to a full 24-hour on air schedule, returning to promoting a wide range of merchandise. The installation workforce was professional and did a fantastic job cleaning after the carpet was installed.…

28 Cheap Clothes Shops To Bookmark Right Now

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Redefine your clothes collection with the newest vogue picks without any hassle as Tata CLiQ brings to you an intensive range of women’s clothes that are not solely trendy in terms of their attraction, but also comfortable in their make. Very like my capsule experiment , studying the best way to store on-line has helped me get off that instant gratification practice. Online purchasing fashion can typically be troublesome with out feeling the attire or seeing the way it fits. Great solutions on on-line buying.. one of the big causes I don’t love to do it is because of the dreaded return!

I’ve been doing an increasing number of shopping on-line being that I stay in a fair small city. Shopping for one thing on-line and forgetting to return it isn’t one thing I need to do. And you’ll be able to try things on with garments you have already got — a big plus for avoiding these fantasy life” purchases.

We pleasure ourselves in making shopping on-line in India extra fulfilling for our prospects. It takes prompt gratification out of the equation, due to the transport wait. The entire expertise of procuring is slower now — allowing extra room for me to be intentional and thoughtful with my purchases.

To make issues tremendous easy and ensure that your shopping experience is top notch, we have made looking less complicated, in an effort to find exactly what you’re searching for as rapidly as potential. I still love the blog however just want to put in my two cents that I feel your clothes are superior AS IS, and I hope you aren’t feeling style-bloggers strain to keep shopping for stylish new things (rompers!

So, to make this buying determination simpler for girls style lovers, we offer them with all the information they are going to need concerning fit, consolation, cloth and every little thing else on their thoughts, for each and every product in our assortment that hits ladies vogue garments.…