Four Things You Should Look For in a Knee Brace

When a knee injury strikes, a person often needs to wear a knee brace when they are involved in any physical activity that may cause them to re-injure their knee. These braces offer extensive support and are crafted to prevent certain movements of the knee or improve the way the knee joint functions. Wearing the right brace is crucial for protecting the knee and ensuring pain is kept at bay. With this information, individuals will know what to look for when choosing a knee brace.

Before choosing a knee brace, it is important to remember the brace should not be worn for too long as it can cause the muscles to become overly weak. The knee brace should only be worn for as long as recommended by a doctor or only during times of true physical exertion. In addition to wearing a knee brace, it is important a person performs the exercises their physical therapist recommends.

One of the first things a person needs to consider is whether they want a knee brace that is open patellar or closed. Closed patellar knee braces are ideal for knees that often swell because they help prevent swelling and support the knee. Closed patellar knee braces release the pressure on the knee cap for less pain.

There are two main types of knee braces and they both work effectively, depending on a person’s needs. Slip-on braces are slipped over the foot and pulled into position while wrap-around styles are fastened in place, normally with velcro. The slip-on styles must be precisely fitted for treatment while the wrap-around styles can be further customized for a precise fit.

It is imperative a person purchases the right size of knee brace for their leg. Some knee braces require a person to measure as high as three inches above the knee while some types only require a measurement around the knee. It is important to check the sizing guide of the manufacturer to ensure one is measuring correctly.

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