How Training Providers Turn CITB Recommendations into Safety-Enhancing Reality

The Construction Industry Training Board, or CITB, provides a range of valuable services to people and businesses throughout the United Kingdom. Tasked with developing and standardizing training courses and other resources that reflect current best practices and the state of the art itself, the CITB removes from thousands of UK construction industry companies the need to do so themselves. Of all the truly important work the CITB does, likely the most significant is that which concerns job site safety. By developing in-depth courses of study that convey all the necessary information in effective fashion, CITB creates standards that serve everyone well. Providers like the one online at then turn those abstract guidelines and requirements into concrete training that completes the picture.

The Site Safety Plus system is the most important facet of CITB’s safety-related work, and therefore also receives a great deal of focus from training providers, too. The most basic feature of Site Safety Plus is the Health and Safety Awareness course that any person who will work at a construction site is meant to complete. By ensuring that students learn about the most fundamental principles of workplace safety and how to identify and minimize dangers, this one day course creates a foundation for further learning that is also valuable in and of itself.

Many workers will go on to pass through other, more specialized CITB training courses, and these will inevitably be important, as well. Those who will be required to work at height on scaffolding, for instance, will need to receive training in how to do so safely, which CITB-compliant providers are ready to supply. While the Health and Safety Awareness course sets the stage for more advanced, safety-related learning and skills development, it will therefore turn out to be only a start for many.

For those workers who progress into the ranks of management, other Site Safety Plus courses will inevitably prove to be valuable. The most involved component of the system is the Site Management series of courses, with days’ worth of study and testing being required of students. By covering everything from the very basics to such involved, advanced topics, CITB and the providers who turn its course designs into actual training opportunities help make many people and job sites safer.