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Diverse and the finest duplex designs is what architects endeavour to achieve. Final buyers influences what the duplex builders eventually make. With eye-catching duplex design floor plans, the duplex builders are likely to give them priority which by extension influences the consumer by extension the kind of home appliances to be fitted in such a buildings.
With the right duplex designs and prices, the general market of the buildings can be encouraged to higher levels due to affordability by the target buyers.
Therefore, for the gains of duplex building to be realized, the stakeholders must lay out a very elaborate plan. In order to realize maximum profits.

So what are the benefits of building duplexes?

Additional financial source
It is possible to have two revenue streams with a duplex building because two different people can leave along each other with only a separated entrance. Financial burden is greatly reduced to the owner of the building due to double incomes.
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Maximize on land space
With a design that comes with duplex, land utilization is realized because two units are built above each other. Instead of constructing one unit at a time, with the duplex design it means the same land mass can be optimized for a higher income.
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Secrecy is possible with a duplex design because family units uses different entrances to their rooms. The effects of this is that harmony among the neighbours can be observed.

safe keeping
With duplex design safety for the dwellers is greatly enhanced because they can look up to each other in case of an attack

Minimized expenses
When common bills are shared by the duplex neighbours, the burden is less compared to when a person leaves alone in a separate compound. To the duplex builders; a saving is realized because of the construction of common installations like gate, water and power piping.

With very attractive duplex designs by architects, family units may feel encouraged to leave together sighting the many advantages of staying I the same compound. In addressing the land scarcity question particularly within the urban centre, attractive duplex designs should be constructed and marketed to the family units. Mortgage facilities can be used as a bait in attracting people to consider leaving in duplex buildings. This has the general effect of increasing family ownership. More so governments may adopt policies that may encourage people to take up duplex buildings as a choice rather than living in separates compounds.