South Korean Comfort Women Need Better Relief

In 2015, Japan and South Korea both agreed on a plan to eliminate the Korean comfort women that had become so commonplace before World War II as well as during it. When the United States held talks with Japan earlier this year it was emphasized that there should be a strong adherence to what had been agreed upon so that all of the involved parties will be in a better light. The South Korean President Moon Jae-in is set to meet with United States president Donald Trump shortly, and he has already expressed his feeling that the agreement was done by his conservative predecessor and that it is not one that the people of his country want to implement.

On the other hand, the Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Shinsuke Sugiyama says that his country is already beginning to implement measures that will steadily put into place the changes necessary to make it a reality. He has noted that he and his country understand the value that the international community has placed on such measures, and so he will continue to work towards that goal. This would be in compliance with the December 2015 agreement so that the issue can be ‘finally and irreversibly’ resolved. Comfort women stories are rampant throughout these countries, and it is certainly a truth that that type of harassment of the women should never be allowed to happen again. Military brothels are something that degrades and debases those who are working inside even in the small chance that they are paid for their duties, and so it should be eliminated.

Japan has already handed out over 1 billion Yen to the South Korean parties who are capable of helping the affected women. It is a fund for the South Korean comfort women that also had Prime Minister Shinzo Abe giving his apologies and expressing remorse for all that those women have had to endure and suffer through over the years. Moon, of South Korea, plans to attempt to renegotiate the deal since many in his country (including himself) feel that it does not do enough to take into account the voice of those affected women.

Tokyo looks to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, and all of the political leaders that were present have agreed that this is a good start in the right direction even if it is not perfect at achieving what is desired. There should be enough time for everyone to get on the same page with this matter, and then it can truly once and for all be handled like gentlemen. The comfort women testimonies are difficult to page through in many cases, and there are numbers of them who had to endure hardship that one would not wish on their worst enemy.

Japan and the United States are also working together on agreements to continue to influence the actions of North Korea by imposing tougher sanctions so that their nuclear program does not flourish and get out of hand. It has already been threatened by many analysts that there is a nuclear war on the horizon, and so it is critically important that the best decisions be made now in order to protect these regions that are so populous with mostly innocent people. In the event of a nuclear war, it is likely that a prolific amount of deaths would occur that are unwarranted and depressing. Everyone agrees that the country of China also has to be pressured to do more than it is currently doing to help ease the tension and potential for disaster with the neighbor North Korea.