Stress Less Save more!

Have you ever spent a holiday season doing nothing but stressing on what to buy your loved ones and spending money? I have! Specially Christmas of 2017 because I had 16 family members in my house for a week! Yes, very stressing week and lots of money was spent on food, hygiene items (soap, toilet paper, shampoo, etc.) but most importantly on presents.

Out of those 16 people 8 of them were children and I wish we would have known about the Groupon app and about the discounts for Build A Bear. If only someone would have informed me about this link, it would have made my life a lot easier! Not only would we get to build a bear to the children’s liking but it would also be extremely affordable using Groupon.
It would have been helpful to know about Groupon as well for any other applicable discounts that we may have qualified for while all of the family was here.

For anyone with small children whether they are male or female I guarantee they will love to go build a bear of their own preference and liking and you will love paying for it as long as you use the link all while you accumulate points and receive big discounts and promotions each time that you buy through Groupon. There is also a way to shop online, choose your bear and accessories and have it delivered to your home with free shipping as long as you spend over a certain amount required. As of now they have spring deals for 2018 and I will definitely be on the lookout for any Christmas deals for 2018 because I do not wish to be in the same situation as last year!

I cannot wait for Christmas 2018! I am so excited to check out the website and hope they have good deals in store for me and my family. At first I thought it would be impossible to save money for Christmas but the fact that Groupon works together with huge companies like the Build-A-Bear workshop makes me feel there is still ways to save and there are still companies that want to give you a great deal for your money’s worth. Not to mention they work together all year when I was only expecting to use the link for Christmas of 2018.

However, now that I think about all the promotions and discounts this website has to offer I’m realizing it wouldn’t be too much of a crazy idea to use the website on my kids’ birthdays, or maybe even our 10 year anniversary. With all the money I will be saving, it wouldn’t be a crazy idea to buy bears all year! Apparently, now my assignment is to educate my husband and my children about this great opportunity. One day soon enough my children will have children and they will thank me forever for this lesson and not forgetting one day I will be a grandma as well! I can’t wait!