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Safety Matters During Storage of Flammable Chemicals Accidental inhalation is one of the risks that employees face if your workplace handles hazardous chemicals on a regular basis. No employee would inhale hazardous chemicals knowingly. However, sometimes chemical spillages can happen and hazardous fumes, mists or vapors may remain in the air long after the spillage has been contained. Employees can get seriously ill when they inhale these toxic fumes. You should store hazardous chemicals in well ventilated areas to reduce the risk of employees inhaling the vapors or fumes resulting from spillages. Apart from this, proper storage of the chemicals is important. All chemicals should be stored in proper containers and locked in cabinets. To ensure that leaked chemicals do not remain in the air for a long time, ensure the storage areas is fitted with air pipes that can let out the chemical fumes and automatic fans. You can protect employees that work with hazardous chemicals in your organization by implementing such a move. When you want to store hazardous chemicals, think about the temperature. Ensure the store where the chemicals are put does not experience large fluctuations in temperature. Variations in temperature can lead to production of unsafe vapors by some chemicals. If you have chemicals that have been stored in aerosol cans, they are likely to explode due to high temperatures. There should be proper ventilation in the chemical storage area to prevent massive fluctuations in temperature. For example, the storage area should not be hit by direct sunlight.
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Installing an extract fan in the chemical storage room is one of the ways you can keep the temperature relatively balanced. The fan will form a cooling breeze in case the temperature of the store starts rising. For safety, ensure you are using the recommended fans at the chemical storage room. If cooling the room is not an option, it would be better to store the chemicals in a cabinet. Make sure the chemical storage cabinets have a way to contain spillage. The storage cabinets should also be made of stainless steel double-walls. Check your state fire code regulations for a guide on the standards that chemical storage cabinets should meet.
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What to Consider When Choosing a Chemical Storage Cabinet When you want to store flammable liquids or chemicals, there are various cabinets you can go for. You should research well to find the right cabinet for storing the type of chemicals you have. One of the things you should consider before purchasing a cabinet is whether it can be stored outside. One of the ways of reducing the risk of fires caused by flammable liquids is to store the liquids outside and away from the building. Follow the guide above to ensure the safety of your workers when handling flammable chemicals and liquids.